Work continues at the ‘Hygge’ field

We now visit the field most  days and attempt some progress.  It is hard some days, and when it gets very hot working after lunch gets heavy going so we stop early.  Sometimes we feel that not a lot has been achieved but then we look back on recent photos and surprise ourselves.

A recent welcome to the field was Will in his fancy flying / photo taking drone and he shared some of our field.

We are bottom right

that’s our vase shaped field in all its glory, and to give some perspective the lighter coloured square towards the bottom is approximately 400 square meters, so its a big old field.   On the right is the start of a massive forest,  see next picture.

Its just huge and very beautiful.

As I said work continues, this last  few days has seen the arrival of a poly-tunnel and wood to build some raised beds.

The instructions for the poly-tunnel were in pigeon English and some directions were counter intuitive and made for some head scratching and colourful language, but we got there in the end

Gladys showing good signs of not being bothered

Another idea that will not be repeated, after I  have used up this supply of wood, was an attempt to build 3 meter long raised beds.  All morning to build one bed that was strong and stable, oh sorry that’s some other idiot, and level.

now the hard part of filling it  with earth.

We leave the boat early mornings and sometimes return late afternoon.  Yesterday  as we approached the boat we spotted madam duck on the front of the boat.  On inspection we found Mrs Duck reluctant to leave and on further inspection we found out why..

4 newly laid duck eggs in our rosemary and sage container.  She has used the rosemary to make her nest and seems not the least bit guilty about  the wanton destruction of Teresa’s herb garden.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Freda bostock

    Four lovely new duck eggs which you could leave to hatch and watch the four little ducklings grow, buy Teresa a new Rosemary plant. Or have all four for breakfast over the next couple of days!

    That is one mighty big field and we don’t envy you the work involved, but when you see your lettuce and tomatoes growing by the day you’ll be more than compensated for the heavy work. Good luck.

  • Gamblin Catherine et jean-Max

    Bravo encore pour tout ce travail et cette heureuse idée ! Nous envions votre courage ! La vie est composée d’étapes parfois surprenantes et que nous souhaitons tellement fort que nous sommes naturellement amené au succès de leur réalisation.
    Nous sommes donc certains de la réussite de votre projet !!!
    Encore une fois bravo et à bientôt de vous lire. Bien amicalement.
    Catherine et Jean-max. de la “Blanche Hermine”

  • Mark & Georgie Wilson (Bateau ParceQue (Aussie)

    Hi Terry,
    Georgie wants to know is that an Illazarov frame on your leg in the photo and if so how, why, when and where.
    (and were you sober at the time???)

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