Winter is having its last fling

The weather is turning colder again after a few great days of sun and warmth  that we all hoped would last through to the Spring, but knowing full well that the winter still held some sting.  In fact the forecast is a return to really cold weather during the next week.   Hopefully by the time we get back from our little trip home spring will be getting fully established.

We are both getting fitter by the day, I tend to stick to the Wi Fit on board the boat but Teresa goes out with her mate Angela and Kes the dog every morning at 07.30 for a long walk in the park.  Above are some of the photos she took this morning of a rather stunning sunrise.

Last night we went to an exhibition of several local artists and a homage to a chap called Theodore Monod, look him up on Google a very interesting man.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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