winter in gent

Awoke this morning and all the snow has gone and most of the ice in the water.  Had to fill the water tank this morning and it was a relief not to have to put the hose in front of the fire for hours before we could use it

Got some new coal yesterday and I went for slower burning nuts, if you know what I mean, it worked ok but the heat dropped as the fire would not flare up enough, burnt generally very well but less heat.  Solution mix with the old coal , which I did this morning and like magic it worked a treat.

Started to play poker at the local irish bar on a monday nights, first night last monday and only 5 euros to play with prizes uo to 250euros.  Had great fun and what was better I won!!, yesterday went out for a nice lunch on the winnings, felt good.

Gent is very attractive city to walk around, steeped in history with many beautiful buildings and you can easily walk the whole of the historic city in about two hours.  Local tourist office very freindly and informative and best of all they take their time to understand what you want out of your stay in Gent.

Our very good friends Simon and Lou are coming over to visit next week and at last I will then have a new camera to post some pictures of our stay.  My job has been to recce the scene in gent prior to their arrival and I have a decent plan of events, eating and drinking venues which hopefully will help the visit be a blast

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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