Winter has arrived

We have had such a mild winter so far that it was a bit of a shock to find the port covered in snow today.


Yes it was as cold as it looked.  We even tried to help Gladys with a donated dog coat from our friend Celia.


but she gave me a look of ‘ are you having  a laugh, I am a gun dog!!’   , it came  off again so she did not look so 18 carrot

Still  no joy with  the camper, seeing Dominic tomorrow for an update on progress.  The last refurbished engine ran for 5 minutes before ceasing up so gave up until after the new year.

Confidence is still  high  that we  will get on the road to the south soon, but frustration is also high and I have had to expend my pent up energy in other ways, like knocking walls down in Mark and Celia’s new house


Very satisfying but I would still rather be barbecuing on a beach in the sun.  Anyone got a camper-van they are not using for the next few months.?


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Hilary Cox

    Gosh it does look a little chilly! If it’s any consolation, it’s been raining most of today and the temp has really dropped tonight. Gladys looks great in her PJ’s!! Sorry to hear about your van issues – I really hope it gets sorted soon. Vic’s friend, sadly, passed away yesterday – a blessed release for him but very sad for family & friends. Vic very pleased he went back to see him – albeit very distressing. Hope to see you in the sun very soon! Muchos love to you both – Hils xx

    • Terry

      I am glad Vic got to see his friend before he passed away, and I am sure Vic view of life is similar to mine, to grab each day and squeeze the juice out of it. This is not a rehearsal.

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