Winter cometh

Yes its getting colder and  we have been busy getting  logs delivered and cut and stacked before the weather gets too  wintry.  We  have been lucky the last two years with mild winters but most long  term forecasts are indicating a more severe  winter this year.


a nice view of  a load of stacked logs from inside the boat.


another nice view of a winter sunrise from inside the boat.


this sunrise is also glorious but it just looks cold!

We have changed our routine, with Tes taking Gladys out first thing around 8am . Whilst Tes is out  with Gladys I lay and light the fire, and make the tea and breakfast usually porridge.  By the time  they return there is a glowing fire and hot breakfast ready.


Gladys really loves the fire it is also  useful to slow cook  casseroles.

We are very cosy on the boat with plenty of  fuel  and good food so whats not  to like.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Bernadette Van der Wiele

    Hello Terry, Teresa and Gladys
    You all look cosy enough although going out at 8am must be shivery even now Teresa. I do hope that the long-term forecast doesn’t eventuate but I am sure you are all made of stern stuff! Here in Oz our long-term forecast is the opposite – a very hot and long summer (yuk). Hopefully you will stay warm and cheery. Best wishes from Bernadette and Henk

  • chris and betsey

    Lovely pictures, yes winter is coming to our neck of the woods too. Although it is in the form of rain and more rain right now. Still working on the house wishing we could leave it all and go exploring. Hopefully next year.
    Gladys looks lovely and comfortable. Hope you get away to sunny places this winter, take care. Chris and Betsey

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