Life is fascinating to me.  You are settled down on the boat for the winter and each day that comes along has its own routine and little in the way of excitement or change, then you go to have your annual medical check  up and the doctor is a little concerned  that your heart is not quite right, it has an irregular beat and needs to be checked out.

You go to see the heart specialist at the hospital and he tests and tests again. Then he fits a heart monitor for a longer 24 hour test and sends you away to your boat. You return after 24 hours and the device is removed and he promises  to ring if any treatment is required.  2 days later he rings and asks you to attend the hospital that afternoon and bring some clothes as you will be staying for 3 days as an inpatient.

Scary stuff at first, as I kissed Teresa  goodbye this afternoon and drove to hospital for  some form of treatment. I arrived at 3 pm and was expected and welcomed very warmly.  Within the first hour they settled me in to my own en-suite room and taken my vitals and my dinner and breakfast order for tomorrow.  Just over an hour has passed and I am composing this Blog from my hospital bed, life could not be more bizarre at times

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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