What a week it has been, (Graham Norton.)

We left our port in Me van Oui last Wednesday to travel up to the Channel tunnel to get the van MOT’d in Ashford, Kent.

On the way we visited Anita and family at Maison du Canal, at Leers Nord. For those who follow this Blog you will know that this is our favourite stop in the summer and we got a terrific welcome from all the family. If you have not visited this spot make the effort next year if you are anywhere near, well worth it.



The lovely Rachael outside Maison du canal, with Christmas tree!

After our delightful stop at Leers we moved on to Diksmunde to visit Jo and Janna on their winter moorings in this impressive port. Great visit to a lovely couple.

We then moved up to the channel tunnel to overnight outside the pet registration office overseen by a delightful and attentive security guard…all night..

We caught an early train through the tunnel and booked into the MOT station, fortunately the van passed without problems and we were able to make our way west to Wales without delay.



Me Van Oui no worse for wear after the storm.

We had booked into a camp-site near my daughters house and were thrilled with this decision when we found a well run and good value camp site on the Gower coast. Unfortunately, the weather was not friendly and we were delayed on route with heavy traffic and high winds, and during our first night on the site the van rocked about in the storm force winds. However, we awoke with no damage to the van and after a full English breakfast at the bar the balance of nature was quickly restored.

The main reason for our visit to Wales was to visit our daughter on her birthday and see her perform with one of the grandchildren in a splendid musical performance of The Adams Family musical , at the local newly restored theatre in Llanelli.



Backstage with some of the cast of the Adams Family Musical.  My daughter,Liz,  is the delight on my right and my granddaughter, Seren is the one wrapped around her new boyfriend.

The performance was a real triumph and we all met afterwards for a meal in an award winning curry house.





Liz, my daughter with our other granddaughter Celyn and her birthday cake made by Celyn

We managed to get some time with the other granddaughter before we left on the Saturday, watching her ride her pony again in bleak weather conditions.




Celyn on her pony Red

We were intending to visit some other old friends on the way back but the timing did not work out and we weer both knackered so we headed back directly, aiming to stop a couple of times on the long journey.

We got back to the boat on Monday and after collecting Gladys from Graham and Claire, where she had been spoilt rotten, we were finally able to chill out on the boat.

Christmas is upon us now and we will spend the day with Mark and Celia eating and drinking far too much no doubt, before embarking on some regime to loose a bit of weight before the spring.

In any event Merry Christmas to all my readers and don’t forget to celebrate Solstice tonight or as I like to think of it as the end of winter with longer days arriving tomorrow.




This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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