Weekend jaunt

This temporary Ferris wheel sits behind Renaissance and has been a big feature in the docks over the summer. It is being dismantled next week and I shall miss it a bit although it will be more peaceful.

This was a serendipity moment. A small gap in the vegetation on the canal bank revealed a small brick tunnel leading to a small body of water, I guess it was built as a sluice probably Victorian, whatever its purpose it produced a classic Kodak moment.

On Sunday we met up with mates on other boats and had a very long and booze ridden BBQ. Needless to say we stayed moored where we were and traveled back on Monday.

On the way back, when I was not at my best, we met a large cruise boat which certainly woke me up. I did miss it but it was a bit tight.

I will be concentrating on the big adventure next. The boat has had its service this morning and preparation is well under way.

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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