We are cruising..

First stop Gannay.  I needed to sort out one of the battery boxes at Gannay and spend some time with Celia and Mark.  We sorted the battery box; Mark built me a new one, and I treated the metal underneath with bicarbonate of soda as the acid from the old battery and eaten through the box and into the metal underneath.


View from the hatch at Gannay

Once sorted we enjoyed Mark and Celia’s company and because of the superb weather had some lovely eats outsides with them, the eating regime has taken a backward step of late.

We left Gannay and headed for Beaulon on our original route and to meet up with Angela and Peter.  Continued luck with the weather meant more eating out and little outside paint jobs on the boat.  Mark and Celia also managed to join us again on the Saturday and yet another splendid meal was had by all.  If this goes on for the rest of the summer I will be the size of a house ….again!!


The mob enjoying a meal in the sunshine at Beaulon

Those who follow this Blog will know that we do not make plans.  It would appear   we are incapable of sticking to them!  For instance we intended to go up to the Somme via St Jean de Losne and the canal Champagne, but having spent time with Angela extoling the glories of the canal Lateral, the Briare and the Loing the route they intended to follow up to Paris, I was reminded how nice a route this actually was so now we are following that same route.  In fact we are ahead of Peter and Angela but no doubt they will catch up in due course.



A cherry tree in full blossom near Decize

So following this new route we headed back to Decize, stopping on route to visit Mark and Celia at Gannay for yet another eat out as the weather stays clear and warm, long may it continue.

We rested for a night on the Lateral at Decize and went shopping at the huge Intermarche, we also managed to get both vehicles (Trusty and Me Van Oui) to Montchanin for the hand over to Len, (the Aussie nutter with a heavy right foot, in- joke reference) when he arrives at the end of the month.  I drove the vehicles, one at a time, no magician me, and caught the train back to Decize.  I am impressed with the transport system in France it does seem very easy to move around this mostly rural country.


The Blue Bike is still here Marion!!

We left Decize having sorted the boat out and the vehicles and headed north up the Lateral.  We stopped at Chevenon PK93 nice stop with rings, then Cours Les Barres PK 120, a beautiful stop with a very good bakery, where we stopped for two nights.


The beautiful moorings at Cours Les Barres

Reflections on life, when you look out of the hatch on a beautiful sunny morning eating breakfast of warm French bread and marmalade, which Teresa made from oranges we hand picked off a tree outside Me Van Oui in Portugal, and drinking freshly brewed coffee, moored in a pretty village where locals are very pleased you paid them a visit, life don’t get much simpler or better.



Now moored near Sancerre heading north to Briare


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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