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It has been many days since I updated our Blog, This is primarily because of internet connection problems in France.  In order to get an internet service from one of the major players like Orange you need to have an address in France and living on a boat does not count, you also can do it if you have a French bank account but guess what to get a French bank account you need an address in France.

To overcome the problem I have hopped from one Wi-Fi hotspot to another, these are few and far between in France unless you can find a MacDonald’s where each restaurant has Wi-Fi but  you have to eat junk food regularly and drag all your equipment with you  not forgetting anything, I have managed it a few times!!  It is also embarrassing to sit there for hours with a cup of coffee or diet coke and use their air time.  Therefore Terry and I have taken lots of photos and selected the best to put on our web album page http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/terrybarrett42  
 and then send a link via goggle mail when we do hit a hotspot.  If you follow this Blog you should be getting regular emails with the link, if you are not send me your email address and I will add it the friends list in Goggle mail.  ([email protected])

Well we have had a very interesting trip so far with only a few hiccups on the way, we have travelled from Gent in Belgium to Meaux (near Paris) in France a distance of 678 kilometres in  6 weeks , and that is not travelling every day. We spent a week with friends in Kortrijk in Belgium, we spent several days at Charleville, Reims and Chateau-Regnault.  We are now in Meaux where we will stay for at least a week while we wait to get the bow thruster fixed.

What have we learnt, well we get on better when we slow down, when we do too many kilometres in a day we make mistakes and get tired and sometimes irritable, then we laugh and realise that there is no rush and since the happy day the bow thruster blew up and we were forced to slow down the trip has been even more enjoyable and we are both now chilled out and very relaxed.  The weather over the last 10 days has helped, it has been glorious and an absolute pleasure to stop, hop off to walk around and soak in the place we happen to be.

We are now in Meaux near Paris hopefully Francois at the boatyard will be able to fix the boat this week and we will then head to Paris centre for a couple of weeks.

Meaux is a really nice town, check it out at Goggle maps, not only it it a large and bustling town but the people are friendly and eager to help not the most common response this close to Paris.

Anyway I will try to update when i can but in the meantime I will send an email to all when I update the photos.
fond regards
Terry and Terry

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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  • Pete & Helen

    Hi guys, Glad to see you are enjoying yourselves,Wish we were there I am hopeing that this gets to you.Looks super from the pics you have posted, But at least you can use Mcdonalds as an excuse to put on weight.Jon and Val have left the docks for good and have gone up north around the system, We are seriously considering doing the same as BWML are trying to get these moorings as a grade one, with out Parking showers, postbox.Perminant addresses.etc and have decided to charge us £500 for the priverledge of living on our boats more than 3 days a week. living on your boat, with nothing in return. Hence thoughts on going.Take care. Pete & Helen.

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