Too darn hot…again

Yes its been very hot the last few weeks and hardly any rain.  So recently we have been going up the field late in the day and staying in the camper overnight and  getting up early and working and watering until it gets too hot to work.

enjoying an early breakfast on the new deck, before work.

its that time of year when all the produce is ripening at the same time, Teresa made a mexico inspired dish from this  little  pick.

find the spider visitor.

a brilliant view from the proposed camp site on a very hot day.

the permaculture patch in full blossom

a friendly farmer in a nearby field having a  bit of fun with his hay.

and a nearby village festival with Breton musicians.

The weather has stated to change now after after a baking hot summer and autumn beckons.  we are hoping  to get permission for the camp site later in the year so we can crack on with preparing the site over the winter.  However, we will continue to develop the permaculture part of the field with the planting of 300 trees this winter and the building of the rest of the raised beds.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Jean-Max and Catherine

    Hello les amis. We are very happy to follow your new life and we congratulate you.
    Also, thank you for your photos and comments. Every time you write, we learning 1 or 2 new words (”to beckon”for instance).
    We are still on the canal latéral à la Garonne, présently moored near à 12th century chapel). Today is the 2nd day with a pleasant température. Before we were grilling!!! We are slowly heading to Toulouse in order to spend Fall and Winter there. Our lovely little cat, Aïda, died in last February so this Winter, we shall give up the countryside and our COT in Régismont-le-Haut for a town center and concrete port. What a tremendous change for us! Toulouse is a very beautiful and interesting cultural town.
    Bon courage for your works. A bientôt. Bises
    Jean-Max & Catherine

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