To the end and back again.

Yes, big change of plan when we got to the end of the the three canals at Moret.  The plan had been to turn right onto the river Seine and go upstream to the start of the Nivernais at Auxerre.  However, due the the heavy rain in recent weeks the rivers were in flood and we turned onto the Seine and basically could make no progress due to the flow against us.  Very soon it became clear that this route was not one to pursue and if any further rain came soon we could get stuck, so the decision was reached to turn around and head back to Decize and our dry dock booking.

One good thing about travelling to Moret it meant we could meet up with old friends  John and Jenny in their camper van.  When I say old friends I mean really old friends, in fact I have known John for over 60 years when we were both in short trousers!

After a very boozy night in John and Jenny’s camper van we  set off the following morning on our return trip.  The great thing about doing a return trip is that you get to stop in the best places found on the way up and those others that also looked good.

Teresa has been a vegetarian for many years, over 35 years, and I have been a devout carnivore for all my life , however, things have changed dramatically.  We both realised that we have not been looking after ourselves as well as we should and eating too much damaging food was causing problems.  At the same time as this realisation we discovered an internet sensation ‘Delicious Ella’, to cut a long story short we have completely changed our eating regime to that of VEGANS!!!.  We have been at it for several weeks now and apart from losing significant weight we both feel great, so we will continue and let you know how we get on.


A colourful market stall in Montargis I don’t think the lady wanted her photo taken.


Chefs doing a  demonstration cookery class in Montargis market. The french are still a foodie mob.


A delightful country mooring at Château Landon.


The dramatic church at Chatillon.


The circus hit town and parked its menagerie opposite the boat.

We will  stay here for the weekend and meet up with Gill and Frank off Détente before moving off next week towards Briare.





This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • roz & John

    Wow, Vegan, that is a big shift, I must admit I (Roz) need to do something as my diabetes is starting to cause me a few problems but not sure I would be able to do the Vegan thing, please do keep us up to date with your progress….We had fer here for a few days last week on route to Spain and then on to USA to meet up with his new wife Sue, he seems so really happy too, good luck on your trip and have a wonderful summer – Roz & John xxx

  • Celia

    Hi you two, we’re back from our short trip to Italy. Love it and the people, so back for more when we can. Going Vegan? Does that mean you don’t want the bacon we brought back from the UK for you? More for us if you don’t. We shan’t cook it with nose shot I promise. Love to you both.

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