Thursday -3 November – Montceau, (winter mooring) – Canal du Centre

As you can see we are in our regular winter position on the first hammerhead in Montceau Port.  As you can also see there is currently a shortage of boats, presumably due to the canal closure in September/October.  The canal opened for a week to allow boats through who needed to get to winter moorings, but is now closed again so nobody can arrive for the time being.  It is due to re-open later this month so we may get a few others turning up before Christmas.


After doing so well last winter and losing over 3 stone in weight I managed to put on over a stone during the long summer, but no regrets we had a good time, plenty of barbecues,  lots of wine and good company that encouraged over indulgence.  But now it’s time to rein in the excesses and up the exercise regime.  First goal is to get back to the weight I was at the start of cruising this year so I need to lose over a stone before I can set a new goal to lose another 3 stone before next spring.

I need a long term goal so I am considering the London Marathon next April and if I am not to kill myself I need to get quite fit and lose the weight before then.  Before you think I have completely lost the plot I did complete the London Marathon back in 1984 so I do know what is involved, however I did say the same as Steve Redgrave when he won his 4th gold medal, ‘if you see me get into a boat again you can shoot me’, not the same words but the same sentiment with a few added expletives came out of my mouth as I crossed the finishing line. But 28 years later you forget the pain and remember to fun bits!!

Gladys was 1 year old this week, or to be more accurate some time about now is her birthday as when she was rescued by the dog refuge they had no record of her birth to go on and relied on the vet to give an estimate of age, but for the purposes of the pet passport her birthday is the 1 November. So happy birthday Gladys and enjoy your new lead and collar.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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