Thursday 22 November – St Leger- Enjoying Autumn

The weather continues to be good but you can feel and see the winter approaching rapidly.  The leaves are dropping from the numerous trees around the boat and the brilliant autumn colours will soon be replaced by bare branches.

We have been surprisingly very busy the last few weeks.  The logs have arrived but they need to be sewn up to fit on our small fire and there are many of them.

Picture showing our joint post box, the new chimney and the pile of logs waiting to be sewn up and by the way the recent glorious weather.
Gladys is enjoying the leafy walks and the roaring fire on her return; I am coming back as a dog.

We made a visit to Montceau last week and were surprised by the lack of boats on the moorings.
The good news, for Montceau, is that Catherine and Isabel are back so at least those that are there will get good service from the office.  Unfortunately, the night club at the port is still operating so the noise problem persists so therefore the live-aboard boaters  have up and left. 
To finish, and to the probably irritate my friend Marco I show one further glorious sunrise yesterday.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Traveller

    I thought that our surprise vsit might have got a mention. Lovely to see you both – oh, and Gladys too. Your a much better blogger than me but then I am not too hard to beat am I? Stephen and Josie

  • Terry Barrett

    Sorry to leave you out of my Blog, but I tend not to mention other people in case they want to preserve their privacy or movements you never know who is being hunted by whoever, he he

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