This years adventure finally begins

Yes its been a bit weird start/ stop going one way then back again due to river conditions, then the dry dock, necessary but a disruption. Now free of restrictions we are finally on our way.

We did stutter at the start not sure which way to go, a quick trip up the Nivernais before deciding that we needed something different, so back to decize before setting off in earnest up the Lateral to Digoin and then the canal du Centre.


Its a very underrated canal the Centre, it is very attractive with mainly agricultural landscape and very peaceful.

Our first stop was a visit to Mark and Celia , oh and Hal the dog (Gladys boyfriend, or one of them anyway, a bit of a tart is our Gladys)



The victor!.

Dogs on this canal are a  bit of a feature there seems to be one or two at most locks and all looking to make friends with Gladys.




How cute are they?


The lock keepers are all very friendly and because of lack of traffic, despite this being high season, all the locks were prepared in advance so progress was very swift.


We crossed the Loire at Digoin and cruised the Centre to Blanzy, where we are now rested and seeing out the stoppage for Bastille day tomorrow.  On Wednesday we shall continue to Fragnes and I have already contacted  Celine the wonderful captain at Fragnes who is reserving a place for us next weekend.  It looks like a great decision to come this way and meet up with old and new friends we might even get a game of Boules in at Fragnes.  Beating the Aussies at Boule and Cricket  would be the icing on the cake.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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