The wake up call

I have been overweight, obese even, for many years now, but whenever I have been for medical check ups in the past the tests have always come back fine.  Not this year, this was a big whoops.  Wake up Terry and do something or sort out your plot to push up a few daisies was the candid medical advice, or my version of what the consultant  cardiologist said.

The French medical system is impressive and I underwent many tests including 24 hour heart monitoring above and a 3 day spell in hospital for more tests, also what is very clear is the need to shed many many pounds of excess weight.

However, I am now back on the boat and taking tablets to thin the blood and beta blockers to regulate my heart beat, and as long as I keep taking the tablets , have regular checks and daily exercise, there no reason why I should not live a full and long life,  oh and lose a lot of weight.

I feel very good now,  especially when I go out in the evening and greeted by spectacular sunsets. This particular evening the sky appeared to be on fire.

The following morning we had blanket of mist but as  the sun began to clear the mist we were greeted by some ghostly scenes out of the hatch,

The days lately have been cold to start with but no clouds and strong sun making the days very pleasant from lunch time onwards.  Just the days to stack up the log pile to keep the boat nice a cosy, even Hygge in the bleak mid winter to come.

About time Tes did some work!!


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris and Jac

    Glad to hear you are being so positive and feeling good. Keep it up Tel! Looking forward to more happy times boating together xx

  • Chris & Betsey

    So glad to hear you are home alive, well (relatively), and kicking and being looked after by a great medical team. Best of luck in the battle of weight reduction. It is a battle most of us have to fight to some degree, too much good food and good wine, and not enough incentive to get off the comfortable couch and leave the warm fire for a walk on the days when the weather in not at it’s best.

    Perhaps Gladys can be your helper to start some sort of walking program. She always appeared to be ready for a ramble most of the time.

    All the best of the coming season to you three.

    Chris & Betsey

  • sue and ian deany

    Sorry to hear of your medical wake up call! Unfortunately it takes a scare to motivate loosing weight! We follow the Australian CSIRO food plan which you can get online if interested. $149 for three months and $20 a month thereafter.
    It is scientifically based by doctors and nutritionists. There are also “treats” allowed! There is also the Five- Two eating plan you may have heard of. Do not use the word “DIET”. Its just eating the right food. Enough of my lecture!

    We are now proud grandparents to Jake William. He is 9 days old and he will be here for Christmas. The best present ever!

    Have a lovely Christmas too. We will be on the boat next September in Auxerre.

    Best wishes

    Ian and Sue

    • Terry Barrett

      Thanks Ian and Sue, or should I say Grandpa and Nana. Just to reassure you I am feeling fine and am losing weight in my fashion. Thats the problem with weight loss its very personal and what works for one maybe does not work for others. I have a method which seems to be working, christmas will present its own special challenges!! See you next September. x

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