The mighty river Marne and a new big boy’s toy–Aug 30

We stayed at Chalons en Champagne for a few more days before heading down the Marne towards Paris.  We took the opportunity to explore more of Chalons and found the impressive Cirque building where circuses were performed in past days but now used as a circus training school.


What a building, very few of these brick built Cirque left in France


You only realise how important Cirque was in France  when you come across a poster advertising the town circus at the start of last century


The whole building is covered in splendid statues depicting various aspects of the circus .

We also found a huge arboretum with its many classic statues representing various seasons.  As I said before this town is well worth a lengthy stay.


We eventually left Chalons and set off down the Marne, with the flow so progress was rapid.  At the first lock on the river proper at Cumieres we were handed a new toy, a splendid remote control device to work the locks.  The VNF have gone overboard with this one but while it lasts it is fabulous to use and works really well.


We travelled with Len and Marion and their guests for a while but they anxious to get to Meaux  to off load their guests so we continued on our own more slowly.


Marion and guests  feeding swans off the back of their boat.

We had a delightful trip down the river Marne and were now able to stop at any of the recognised Halts .


A good overnight Halt on the Marne where we met some ‘conceptual artists’ returning to Germany from their exhibition in Paris.

I did ask what made their art ‘Conceptual’ and the very nice German guy gave me the example of  scratching a knife down a wall and recording  the sound and playing over on a loop, I nodded without speaking but my brain was screaming ‘Emperors new clothes’.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Freda Bostock

    Next we’ll hear you’ve run off to join the circus! Think my teeth would have been screaming at the conceptual art, ” run a knife down a wall!”

  • sue n tony crsmg

    Enjoyed your progress down the Marne. We left the othet Sue AbdxTonyv at Compagjie and carried on the Oise. Loved the Imprrial Palace snd the Musee deportes at Royaulleaux.Didnt see the whole concept.One pksce to revisit. Biked over to Chantilly to see the Racecourse and Chateaux another great day.We are now at Chatou and spent the day at markets of Clingnicourt great antique,art deco and new junk.Listened to a medlry of French singees at a cafe in the middle of sll the stalls. Found a folding tablg ee have spent a couple of months lookinfor .luv Sue & Tony.

    • Terry Barrett

      Not sure what happened to your comment in the cyber space but It came out a bit jumbled, never mind got the gist.

      The palace and racecourse at Chantilly is spectacular but the riding school and horse museum next to it is a WOW not to be missed.

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