The day of the Giants, Douai -July 7

We left Leers Nord very reluctantly and headed for Lille.  Leers Nord is a beautiful stop enhanced considerably by the presence of Anita and her family who run the famous Maison du Canal a bar/restaurant /social meeting place.  Be back next year hopefully.

We intended to stop at Lille but our delayed departure put us slightly behind schedule as we wanted to make the weekend of the Giants at Douai, so we pushed past Lille and met up with George and Sue on route and moored overnight up the small Lens Canal, I do not mean it is owned by Len although I am sure he would like to!  No it is a small little used branch off the main Escault and gives respite from the wash of the passing commercial barges.

The following day we moved on to Douai again with George and Sue who have a permanent mooring there.  There is a newly created halt  there created by VNF right in the middle of town and it provided a very comfortable stop for the weekend, and in time for the Giants.



We were fortunate to witness the building of the giants in a local square before the big parade




This is mister and missus Giant, he apparently was born in 1530 and was a big chap who defended the town after that a great mystical tale was embellished to a great annual  event of mystery and imagination







It was a great event and we will come back next year.  If  you want to come  next year its on every year the first weekend after July 5

Now its back to the Canal du Somme again to meet up with some more old friends.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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