The adventure begins

We decided this week to move the boat from Gloucester – Evesham. The weather has been good up to this week and the river levels consequently quite low and easy to manage upstream.

We completed the move in two days. We left Gloucester docks to a rousing farewell from Sam, Chris, Pete and Helen. Thanks guys for your friendship and support. We left late on day one but still manage to enter the Avon at Tewkesbury before mooring up for the night. The following day we left Tewkesbury at 09.30 and just managed to make Evesham lock before it shut for the night, well in fact they kept it open for 30 mins to allow us through, and we eventually moored in pitch darkness, fun fun fun. We slept very well the first night.

The Avon is a very different river from the Severn, it is very twisty and in places extremely narrow and overgrown, kept me on my toes, but we only managed to lose one flower pot in the branches that occasionally swept the boat due to oncomming traffic, which move very quickly downstream

We spent yesterday exploring Tewkesbury and setting up the boat while we wait for confirmation of the transport.

We will update this blog on a regular basis but there maybe little to report as we are now in the waiting game

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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