Not heading south

Still no camper van, found another engine cleaned it up put it in but it also failed to perform.  There is a high level of frustration but there is usually a reason for delays in what you want to do in life.  My mate and mechanic Dominic has found another engine, they are rearer than rocking horse poo, but its located on the French/German border so  another day just to collect it. In the end we will have a working camper.

Life goes on here in La Charite,  despite the atrocities in nearby Paris.  Fortunately, the French through their recent history have become very resilient to acts  of barbarism on their soil, so I expect  the French to be back out in their favourite bars and restaurants this weekend.

Our enforced delay in heading south in the camper has allowed us to help our friends Mark and Celia with knocking their house into shape, do love knocking walls down.


Teresa has been very busy on her  portraits and has now published her web site check it out.













This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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