surviving the winter and losing weight

No real activity at the field this winter the weather has been very wet with occasional snow. However, many things have happened since I last posted a Blog.

After Christmas and the New year indulgences we decided that our health was beginning to suffer due to  excess weight, I was clinically obese weighing in on January 1st at 21st 6 lbs and Teresa also wanted to lose a couple of stone.    So I  did some research to find an eating regime that we could stick to and enjoy. I will not bore with the details but in short we decided to drastically reduce our sugar and wheat intake and also cut right back on the booze.  We started  early January so have been going 2 months now with good  results .  I have reduced my weight from 137 kilos (21.7 stone) to 125 kilos (19st 8lb) a loss of 12 kilograms or nearly 2 stone.  I had one little help during the last 2 weeks I had a bad stomach virus and I wasn’t able to eat for 3 days and had another visit to the doctor to sort it out.  As ever he was brilliant and I turned up at his surgery one afternoon when I was able to be away from a toilet for more than 20  minutes and got seen and medicated within 15 minutes.

We moved the  boat  to Gannay for the winter but got notice in December that VNF were to drop the levels at Gannay for 2 months to carry out repairs to the lock,  The local VNF chap was very helpful and suggested we move up stream to Beaulon where the levels would not be dropped.  We found a gap in the weather and completed the 3 hour move without incident.  Very quite,  two other boats  here, friendly and both French and a good village within walking distance and we have plenty of logs and food so no problem.

The winter is almost over another month should see us well into spring and the growing season.  We are looking for a caravan we can put up the field to live in for the summer and sort out the permaculture garden and numerous other jobs that need doing.

My next post will hopefully be from the field and show us  planting away to our hearts content.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Roz & John

    So glad you are losing weight successfully, I (Roz) was doing ok by cutting out carbs but then Christmas happened and all the stress with John I havent been able to get back into it, (must try harder) your field sounds good, will you have animals like you did in the UK? and will you still do the canals?
    good luck with it all, Roz & John x

    • Terry Barrett

      Hi Roz & John, Glad John is getting better. Keep going with the low carb eating regime it works if you can keep at it. We have a big decision coming up, we either commit full time to the field and set up with animals and a big planting schedule and sell the boat, or park the field for the moment and cruise the canals for another season.

  • Gamblin Catherine et jean-Max

    Always happy to read your blog, congratulation for the succèsful diét. We Wish you to reach thé disired weight…
    We Hope That the weather will Come fine and allow allow you to plant in your peace of Land at your satisfaction.
    Best regards to the thée of you…

    • Terry Barrett

      you are right its not a diet as I said in the Blog its a complete new regime of eating the right foods with low carb and sugar intake. I will probably sell our boat soon so let me know how you get on and any contact numbers. Take care.

  • Val Poore

    Oh no! Selling your lovely boat! That will be sad! Glad you are enjoying your new life and losing the weight you wanted to get rid of!

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