Sunday 23 September – Decize- winter mooring

The Nivernais canal is closing soon so we had to make a move to Decize early to set up for winter.

We had a very nice trip down the Nivernais from the summit at Baye.  Having spent a few hours with our old friends Marco and Carman and their three dogs, Gladys had a great time.  Marco and Carmen will spend the winter in Decize so we can walk the dogs together during the cold months.

 Beautiful sunrise at Cercy La Tour

A view from the lock at Champvert
We had an easy trip down the canal with the weather holding up well.  I knew we were heading for our winter mooring as Teresa kept coming up with more jobs to do during the winter and making lists that finished up with 2 full A4 pages!!.

We are here now and we have started on the very full list, which we will work through gently over the 6 months we will spend here. 

Our first sunrise at Decize
Sue had held a space for us at the quay at Decize with an imaginative technique using her bike and an official looking notice

 We now have a post box next to the boat and we are waiting for our first letter

Gladys is very happy but still thinks she is a puppy when she tries to sit on my lap.
The surprise addition to the quay was Andy and Wendy on Mary Rose who arrived yesterday and after a quick enquiry at the Marie decided to make this their winter home.  We are now full here and we are pleased we got here when we did.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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