Starting for home

We have had a busy year on the boat, traveled many Kilometers, operated numerous locks,  met  up with lots of friends, eaten too much, drunk about enough, well …its been a good year.

Time now to get back and sort out the camper-van and the boat and relax with our good  friends.

The weather has been incredible of late with some amasing sunrises and sunsets



sunrise on the canal du centre


Daybreak at SJDL

We have seen many interesting sites and perhaps the one that sticks in my  mind of late is that of an old  fisherman with his classic car


Charming and brought a big smile.

Highlights of the year must include the Somme , with Chris and  Jac , which was difficult at times but fascinating none the less.  Our trip to Leers nord in the middle of  the football tournament and the ensuing madness with Anita and family, and St Dizier with Bill and Jane .


We were very disappointed with the Brexit vote and as a small protest we are hanging the European flag alongside the red duster at the back of the boat, a small protest but makes me feel good.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Roz &John

    It’s that thought of winter approaching that dulls it all and once we are out of the EU we possibly won’t be able to stay here as pensioners as there will be no healthcare c’est la vie

  • Chris and Jac

    Travelling with you two has been one of our highlights too, hope it ‘s one that can be repeated, where to next year lol! Don’t worry Terry you didn’t big Leers Nord up too much, we love it here too, staying for at least another week.

  • Jane and Bill

    Great to see your blog. We are at present in Auxonne, together with Norman and Pat (Brits) and David and Sarah(Aussies). We’ve all sailed in the same direction for weeks, and have had some great times with loads of laughs. If you are still heading to Decize, look forward to seeing you again. Hug Gladys. Love to both
    Jane and Bill. LAZYBONES.

  • Val Poore

    Was lovely to have met you two, if only briefly! I sent a friend request to Tes on FB, but maybe she hasn’t seen it. I hope we can stay in touch! Val (a.k.a. Vallypee or Val Poore)

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