St Dizier

We left the Somme and Chris and Jac with a heavy heart having had a wonderful time on this beautiful waterway


Before we left we encountered Keith on ‘Duck in’, the last time we saw his boat it was underwater in Montceau-les-Mines harbour,4 years ago.  Well done Keith for getting back into cruise mode.


They have tidied up the canal du nord, now a very pleasant canal.  After leaving the Somme we retraced our route on the canal du Nord, the Oise a l’Aisne, the l’Aisne a la Marne to Sillery and then down to the bottom and hanging a left down the Champagne.


Pretty lock on the Aisne.


Our friends Claire and Graham on ‘Serenity’ parked up in Rheims and running their large boat as a successful Bed and Breakfast business with an average 70% occupancy rate this year, well done  you two.


The confusingly named Champagne et Bourgogne canal, whatever its called it is a beautiful waterway.

What is good is that we are visiting places we have not stopped at before and meeting up with old friends Bill and Jane off their widebeam ‘Lazybones’.  I was intending to ease off the booze and eating less food but that has gone out the window.



Just made me smile a bong in a shop window in St. Dizier in the style of the Eiffel tower. Love the French humour.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris and Jac

    Enjoy the Champagne et Borgogne, your next stop Chamouilley is a very nice mooring. We are back at Corbie, much nicer weather than when we were here with you earlier. Fond memories of a summer on the Somme, bisous to you both xx

  • sue and ian deany

    you are on the canal that we did on our way to St Jean des Losne. Rained all the time! How did you like the 25 locks? No wonder Paris flooded! We are selling the boat as we feel we should not have gone back to it after having Wobbe.
    The boat is for sale at H2O. Few offers but no serious buyers yet. We will miss the friends we have made along the way. However, its been a great 14 years!

    Best wishes to you both

    Sue and Ian

  • Chris and Betsey Bomford

    Ahoy Mates,
    Sounds like life is good on the canals. We do miss the life style terribly. When you get to Le Petit Saonne, keep an eye out for Colin and Carol Jones on Le Fero. They are headed south from Epinal with the intentions of tying up in Roanne for the winter, Bon Voyage. C & B

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