Spring is coming

 I have set up a Facebook page for Renaissance but some of you prefer the Blog so  I will keep both going so you can choose which you prefer to use.

Our French teacher Marie-Claude and Catherine from the Tourist Office  arranged a Canal Museum visit as you can see above it was abeautiful spring day and the museam was very interesting.  I was shocked to discover  that the 100 kilometers plus of the canal only took 10 years to complete.  After the visit we are invited  back to Marie Claude’s house for diner, it was very nice evening although Marie-Claude’s husband Jean Pierre was far too generous with  the wine and the spirits and I got very ‘tired’ towards the end of the evening and had a thick head in the morning

So what’s new.  Well my wayward driving licence has finally arrived and that means we can plan a trip back to the UK to see family and friends and pick up some stuff for the boat, and buy more tea bags and porridge!!

We also have a busy week coming up.  On Thursday we have been invited to a meeting with the Major who is welcoming all the new residents of his town, plenty of food and drink on offer no doubt and then on Friday it  has been arranged for us to visit the local concert hall for a large art exhibition, there is also something we have been invited to on Saturday, not quite sure what it is but we will turn up and smile and see what transpires.  We will take the camera and shoot lots of photos and share the best with you next week.

It would seem that the locals have really taken the visiting  ’Plaisanciers Anglais’  to their hearts and we feel very accepted into the community that is Montceau-les-Mines.  We were also interviewed by a journalist for the local daily paper  and  a photo of us with the boat appeared on the front page of the local paper with the article appearing on the inside.  I have told the girls in the ‘Capitainerie’ that in future  I will make a charge for them to talk to us !

Those who regularly follow my ramblings will know that I am aiming to lose significant weight this year and it still goes well although the loss has slowed down, but a loss is still occurring, and I should lose the 2nd stone by the end of the month.

See you next week

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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