Spring is coming, just around the corner?

I know I am the persisitent optimist but it feels like the good weather is coming.  Not this week perhaps,  in fact it is much colder than last week and ice has once again appeared on the water, but despite that the days are much sunnier and lighter for longer now and that in itself lifts the spirits.

My weight loss is going well.  Plenty of good food and excercise is helping drop the weight and I feel much better.  I will publish another semi naked photo next week to show progress so be aware not to view the Blog if you are having your dinner.

My new driving licence has arrived in the UK and been posted to me here but not yet arrived.  When it does I will hire a car to return to the UK for a visit  before we set off in the Sping.

The Russian ballet is coming to Montceau next week and  Teresa is going with Angela from Kotare.  Peter and I will probably watch the football, or the cricket or tennis or whatever.

Montceau continues to impress me especially in the winter months, when you look on various forums of boatowners moored up for the winter you are made aware that most places in France shut down in the winter, however, it seems that Montceau is just as lively in the winter as it is in the summer.  Last week we went to a gathering of all the local associations in and around Montceau, it turns out that there are over 300 different associaitons in the area, no wonder there is a lot going on.  Also last weekend we went to exhibition of local artisis at the Miners institute.  Fabulous building and lots of good art on display.

I was worried that I would be bored at the same spot for the whole winter but rarely a dull moment here.  see you next week

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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