Spring has sprung in Montceau

The snow and ice have disappeared and today it is like a spring day here in Montceau. You know its good here when the market stays open past midday, today the crowds were evident and they stayed till lunchtime when they all disappeared home or into the many cafes and bars around the town.

The only problem is that when the weather is this good a sudden urge comes over us to get going, start the engine get out the maps and cast off,  but we will have to wait until the end of March which is only 11 weeks away and we have a trip back to the UK to look forward to before that to break up the time.

Not that we are in any hurry to leave Montceau.  The welcome we have recieved here, not only from the Mayor and the girls at the Capitanerie but all the town folk who smile and wave as they go by daily.  The facilities are excellent here with hot showers and electric in good supply.  The logs we got at Generlard on the way here are lasting very well and should see us into the spring.  The  weather will get colder and we may yet see some more ice and snow but the days are getting longer and we will also get good spring days like today to lift the spirits.  We are both keeping well and the weight loss goes well…so far.

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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