Spring has sprung and work on the field

The longer days and shorter nights lift the spirits and fill one with hope and expectation for a jolly 2017.

For all  those who sent good wishes  to Gladys after her accident I can report that she is back to full health and  is now her usual lovable pain in the bum.

We have completed our purchase of our bit of France, a very small bit, and have now received  a nod and a  wink from the local Mayor that he would welcome an application for a campsite on the land,  we therefore will prepare the site for a  productive garden and ‘Hygge’ chill out venue for ourselves and visitors alike.

The canal lateral is  currently closed so we must stay put until the end of this month  but when it does reopen we will move the boat back to Decize to complete some maintenance and painting jobs.

Spring has really broken here,

and boaters in the port are arriving to prepare their boats for the season, on my birthday they invited us to join them for lunch.  It was not a serious discussion lunch, it just looks that way, we really did have a laugh.

and as usual after a grand lunch it was time for a little snooze

Teresa spotted this sign in the ladies loo that did raise a laugh

This last week has been very busy .  We took advantage of the glorious weather and hired a mini digger and my friend Mark and I set about creating a track and parking place for the motor home.

It was a good few days and now back on the boat and preparing for moving to Decize next week.






This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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