Soon it will time to leave

Soon it will be time to leave our winter moorings in the town of Montceau and start the summer cruising…cannot wait but have to due to unforeseen circumstances.  Peter and Angela really couldn’t wait and left this morning in overcast and damp conditions but they were still very glad to get going.  We will see them later in the season probably near Lyon in June/July time…in the meantime , Bon Voyage Kotare.

Tomorrow we will  celebrate our wedding many years ago and then later move the boat down the canal to Blanzy for a few days to get the painting down on the boat I have been promising to do all know how it is  never the right weather conditions, but the forecast is set fair for a week so now no excuses.

I will off-line for a week  as there is no Internet at Blanzy but will Blog again next weekend

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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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