Soissons–Aug 9

We have now arrived at Soissons on the river Aisne.  It’s Saturday in Soissons and it’s the big market day in the centre of town, there is also a big LIDL and petrol station nearby so its stock up and shopping day.

We met up with Andy and Wendy on Mary Rose a few days back and they have joined us on the route down to Soissons.


It’s been a journey of contrasts since leaving the gentleness of the Somme canal.


Reluctantly leaving the Somme


First back on the Canal du Nord not so attractive!


Thats better the lateral L’Oise


and finally the Aisne, with its very posh houses and some with very posh boathouses!


This is just the boathouse.


The impressive Soissons cathedral and round the corner the imposing British World War 1 memorial


Soissons was very badly damaged in both world wars but it has risen from the ashes to be very attractive and vibrant town.



This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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