Silves, the Algarve, Portugal

Back in Silves and loving it.  We were planning the route back to the boat but looking at the weather forecast anything further north of here is wet and windy for next week at least.  So we will stay here this week and amuse ourselves locally.

We have formed a friendship with the manager of this motor-home park, Miguel, and he introduced us to a near neighbor who lets ‘friends ‘ borrow’ one of his many cars for a small ‘contribution‘.  So we are not hiring a car for the week we are borrowing one from a Portuguese friend of ours.  The world is truly a market place.

This life can be very tiring at times and sometimes I am apt to nod off while watching a film late at night, no excuse for my loving wife to take the occasional candid photo of such an occasion!


I did manage to give her the finger even in my sleep!

We have formed a little mob with Mark and Celia, who have joined us from The Chicken Run, and Vic and Hills who were also at the chicken run.



The Mob enjoying coffee and cake in downtown Silves.

With the car we are able to venture further afield and yesterday we visited several spectacular coves and beaches nearby.



as you can see the beaches are wild and deserted this time of year.



Gladys is enjoying herself and Terry managed a selfi in the back of the car.



On the way back from the beach we stopped off at a lovely cafe near the castle in Silves and I just had to take a picture of the amusing bar stools / saddles….genius.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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