Sillery to the Somme

We stayed at Sillery for a full week meeting up with old friends, John and Jenny who popped in on their way back from a holiday in Italy. Lovely visit, cooked a great curry got a bit drunk and agreed in my vulnerable state to write a chapter for John and Jenny’s book about John’s famous father The reverend James Butterworth. After they left I felt a daunted but flattered to be asked, now I need to get on with it.

Later in the week Chris and Jac turned up on ‘Joli Roger’ and we arranged travel with them up to the Somme. We also met up with Martha and John on their lovely Dutch barge the green lion, didn’t know lions were green in Holland. Very nice people and we had couple of very pleasant evenings with them.

get toggether silllery

The weather was OK while we were at Sillery but as soon as we left it started to change to more of the music group ‘wet wet wet’.


A rare bit of sun and open views up to the somme

As the weather deteriorated there was little incentive to stop over anywhere so we did three long wet days until ‘Joli Roger’ and ‘Renaissance’ were able to enter the Somme canal together with a huge sigh of relief.


An awkward overnight stop on the canal du Nord.


on the way we passed old friends on hotel boat Serenity, now operating as a succesful Bed and Breakfast, good luck to  them.


Jac on Joli Roger, dressed for the cold and wet.

Our first stop at Cappy was very disappointing, the hire boat base has closed and so it would appear has the town ,with all the bars shut, the nice butchers and the nice restaurant up for sale , the bread shop is still operating but for how long?


The first lifting bridge on the Somme, notice the orange van of the Somme lock keepers.  Its nice to have them around very friendly and efficient and not VNF.


they have installed barrages at the water run offs after the locks so much easier navigation

We stayed one night and then moved on to Corbie which I am pleased to report is still as lively and busy as I remember it. Because the weather is still very miserable we are staying at Corbie before moving on next week when the weather is set to improve dramatically.


Very agreeable mooring at Corbie but still very wet.

However, looking at reports from the rest of France we are very fortunate. A lot of France is under water with many waterways closed to navigation, the Somme canal is fine as the masses of water has the sea and numerous wet lands in the area to run into.

I am doing the sun dance after I write this.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Kath Bailey

    So sorry to heat about Cappy . It was one of our fave places on the Somme . It was in the bar there that we got a phone call from Andrew Sagar to say we had won our case against HMRC and we were getting All our VAT back plus expenses some £40000 plus. I would add it took another 5 months to actually get our hands on the money. Needless to say we had a good afternoon in the bar. I loved the Somme .

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