Sigrid stuck in Fragnes

Graham has a beautiful boat called Sigrid of Chelsea. We were invited to visit and see the fine interior including a mahogany bath, truly an all wood bath and it works well.

After a lengthy visit and a lovely cup of coffee it was time to depart and say goodbye to Graham and his glorious boat…..well that was the plan.

Graham had already indicated that he was touching the bottom on his mooring and might need a push off when he departed……Well he needed more than that.

We first tried to push off from the shore but the boat was well and truly stuck fast. A nearby large 55 ton barge, Blanche Hermine, joined in the effort. First we tried to pull off Sigrid from the front…no movement. Then we attached lines from the stern and tried to pull it off backwards……No good again .

Desperate measures now….. Blanche Hermine lashed itself to the side of Sigrid and full steamed ahead and at last Sigrid broke free from the bottom and Graham was at last able to set off on his delayed journey

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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