Saturday 3 December- Montceau

The weather remains good here, no frost and daytime temperatures constantly in double figures.

It was a glorious morning on Friday and we planned to visit Chalon-sur-Saone to enjoy this large medieval town and its famous market.  But before setting off we took Gladys for her regular walk over the miner’s park and encountered a brilliant sunrise.
Chalon did not disappoint a lovely town with impressive medieval buildings and cathedral, and the market had some wonderful single produce stalls this one full of various mushrooms.
We also took the opportunity to visit the excellent photography museum with its many historical and current photographic displays.  I was amused though at the entrance to be greeted by a wall forbidding all sorts of stuff within the museum eating smoking etc. but not as you can see the taking of photographs..good on them
We also played with some of the more amusing exhibits, notice how well Teresa and I eating regime is going!!
After an exhausting morning tramping the streets of Chalon we did treat ourselves to some hot chocolate at a specialist shop; the hot chocolate was divine and dropped off the spoon like double cream, indulgent yes but what the hell.
The final two bits of amusement occurred on the way back through the market to the car. firstly kids playing on the seasonally erected ice rink and some coming a cropper.  No harm done except damaged pride.
and then a specialist stall selling all sorts of coats and stuff for pet dogs and cats, I was rummaging through a particular box when the contents suddenly moved and I shot back and observed a very small dog dressed up like the proverbial dogs dinner awoken from its slumbers  in the box!
It was nice to get out and about and having the car now in Montceau makes all that possible.  So in future Friday will be our trip out and the next visit will be Tournus.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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