Started moving back up the Somme, against the flow, which although no rain for a couple of weeks was still quite lively and needed concentration to stay off the banks and not being caught out by the cross currents.


The impressive hanging gardens and chateau at Long.

We also stopped again at Hangest -sur–Somme, which is now an impressive nature and water park.



If you want a totally peaceful experience with only bird song for music then you could not do better than Hangest .

We also stopped at Picquigny overnight before taking the short hop to Samara.


Kids at Picquigny enjoying some water sport.

Samara is a worthwhile visit if you are interested in ancient history , it basically covers pre-history and up to the Romans.  Great layout, suited for taking kids on a long walk through lovely grounds, a herb maze, rope climbing frame, large museum, iron age village with workshops and demonstrations. Lots of areas to picnic and quirky gifts in the shop.


Plenty of displays set up which you can actually touch and get a real sense of.


The central modular building with a very impressive ceiling.


and numerous well designed displays


Teresa pulled this ancient looking man but was really only interested in his shoes.


There was also some live demonstrations of ancient crafts which if you asked nicely you can have a go at.


She was impressed!


We moved on a  short distance to Ailly-sur-Somme and were invaded by walkers, the French do like a communal walk on a Sunday afternoon.

Now the Somme river/canal, mostly river, is not an easy navigation.  Even the most experienced skippers can be caught out and you need a suitably sized boat to traverse the tricky parts.


This is Not a suitable boat as the skipper found out when he managed to  run it aground several times on the way to the coast and the Somme people had to get some big machinery out to dig and haul him out the mud.  I don’t think he will make a return trip anytime soon.

We will leave the Somme this coming week and start the journey back to winter base and hopefully finally sort the camper-van out, keep those fingers crossed.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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