Reflections on 2014 on the way home

Well how has it panned out?  Pretty good actually, in fact brilliantly  with very very few negative experiences.  We met many new friends which I am sure we will share a drink with  in the coming years and had some magic moments which I have hopefully shared with you all as we have traversed this amazing country.

Not all Halts have been attractive. SAM_3419

but most have been delightful SAM_3421

The Halt at Chatillon.

The solar panels have been brilliant giving us plenty of options when it comes to mooring up and staying put when we wanted too.However, water and electric have been available in more and more places with many communities putting up big WELCOME signs. SAM_3416

We have had many visitors to the boat, most of them very welcome!

We set off in April this year aiming to visit the Somme canal and we made it , twice, and it was a revelation and both occasions. We also managed to spend time traversing the Roubaix canal and again it was a pleasure with more work being done to improve this once neglected waterway.  Please if you are in the area next year make an effort to visit this canal and give the Camille and her authority a reward for all their splendid efforts and say a big hello to Anita and her family at the Maison de canal, our favourite watering hole.


Currently we are moored opposite one of the many  nuclear power stations in France, and in its own way it has a fascination and a beauty, the big gain is that with the big tax revenues going to the local communities near by, we consequently  have a lovely mooring. SAM_3488

September has been glorious in terms of weather so we have taken our time on the Lateral canal and we will continue to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, before getting the firewood ordered for the coming winter.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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