Reflecting at Sillery

Yes still at Sillery and more of that later.  We are chilling here for the week before heading for the Somme on Monday.  Should take about a  week to get to our first stop on the Somme at Cappie.  A stop with good WI-Fi so should be able to update the Blog then but not before as we will be in proper wild agricultural France on route.

Two reflections, firstly standing in the port office flirting with the very attractive port manager in walked a Brit to pay for his nights stay.  I asked where had he come from and he replied Calais and I asked where he was going and he replied Toulouse in the south of France.  Thats a hell of a journey I thought  and then I asked what boat he was in, as I looked around the port and seeing no new arrivals.  The Kayak down there he said pointing at his small canoe moored behind Renaissance.  My jaw dropped open and I blurted out  ‘WHY’ , Oh he said I am going to a wedding!!



Preparing for the Toulouse!!



Cruising past Renaissance fully laden…  Good luck mate

Second reflection was when I was walking Gladys this morning.  We have decided to stay at Sillery for a whole week. well I say we decided on reflection that is what Teresa wanted and I went along with the idea.  It is what I now call losing with a 1-1 draw.  We discuss what we are doing all the time and plans for the day etc, and often we have two different thoughts on how to progress but I realised this morning that when we have different thoughts… I lose the 1-1 draw.  Us men have no stomach  for  the fight and the woman has all the tools to outwit us, and we know deep down that despite the apparent 1-1 draw we are going to lose.

Just a couple of thoughts.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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