Preparing for winter in a rush

So I know I said there was no need to prepare for winter last time, as we preferred to enjoy the late summer weather, well I spoke too fast.  The weather forecast was showing a rapid change to rain and much colder conditions so it was with some urgency that I speeded up our log delivery and then set about servicing the chainsaw and setting about the huge pile of meter long tree trunks.


I don’t know why I am always surprised  at the number of logs to be cut, but I am and it was at this starting point that I asked the question why not order already cut ones!!  However, we both get a huge feeling of satisfaction when all the big logs are cut and stacked ready for the wood burning stove to do its winter duty.


It took two days, where is Harry when you need him, but finally we  got all logs cut and stacked, and in good weather.  However, the weather forecast proved accurate as following day the heavens opened with a vengeance  and ever since,  the temperature drop was also significant and its back to many layers of clothes when taking Gladys out in the early mornings.

Other news is that I have been contemplating the future and I know I have at least one big project left in these bones.  Basically we want to build an Eco house, either a straw bale house, or pole house or even the whole hog and build an Earthship nearby.  In order to realise this ambition we need to raise some money, and we are contemplating putting Renaissance into a shared ownership scheme. The reason for mentioning this now is just to see if there is any interest amongst my Blog followers for such an idea, as I would prefer to share Renaissance with like minded people whom  I like and trust.   Anyway no commitment required at this stage just a reply in the comments to say if you could possibly be interested in the future.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Harry & Marion

    Great to see you working T, but if you zoom in on that picture of you cutting those logs you can see that there isn’t even a bead of sweat on your forehead. Yer slacking boy, no wonder it took you two days 😉

  • Betsey and Chris Bomford

    Hi you two, good to see some work being done around your place! Always a good excuse to have a few brew after a hard days work.
    Thanks for the invite but I think we are already heavily invested in Maggie May.
    All is well here in Canada. Been very wet since we arrived back Oct 12th but Chris is working away on a garden shed even as the rain continues. Feels a little frosty out there right now. My collar bone is finally on the mend and I have been religious about doing my exercises at the pool, want to be fit for next season. We will watch for more on the adventures of T&T and Gladys. Take care and keep us posted.

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