Preparing for Winter, but not just yet.

Its a funny time of year, you know winter is coming and being prepared is going to be important if we want to be toasty warm on the boat when its freezing outside.  However, the brilliant hot days we have been enjoying lately push thoughts of gathering in the logs and chopping them up into the background and instead its get the barbecue out and open the wine and to hell with long trousers for now.

We have both had our annual health check up with our lovely French doctor, which included four separate blood tests and I am mightily impressed with the french health system which we both joined a couple of years ago. I watch the news from England and there are constant comments about  problems getting appointments to see the local GP and the waiting times for treatment or results from tests.  Our experience of the French system is far better, no wait to see your doctor, and he works on Saturdays, and we get to see him the same day we ring up.  We have blood tests each year, it seems common in the French system to test blood rather than urine,  and the results are available for collection the same day.  Cannot recommend the French system highly enough, works for us.

Met up the other day with a charming French couple, Sylvie and Dominic, we had met them earlier in the summer on the canal du Briare, where Sylvie had taken some pictures of renaissance,  She is an accomplished photographer and they travel the waterways of France taking photos and creating postcards of various canal scenes for sale in tourist offices and similar.  On this occasion they just wanted to see us and present us with a little present of the photos they  took on the Briare.



This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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  • Hilary Cox

    Hi both, we are back in Portugal & the weather is amazing – 36° today! Makes a change from January. What are your plans this year? Much love, Vic & Hils and love to Gladys too xx

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