Preparing for the Yurt arrival.

Well things have  been going along at a pace at the field,   Crops are growing well and  we both have renewed energy with the weight loss and good weather.

Tes showing off the willow growth in 6 months

and out first crops are being harvested.


I have lost 5 stones since Christmas and still aiming for  another 2 stone loss.

our grass has been cut by local farmer and baled into hay.

and an interesting discovery under the cut grass of a discarded snake skin, long but not venomous I  am told!

The big news is the Yurt ordered from China has finally arrived in a  huge box.

and now the focus is on preparing the ground and building the platform to sit the  yurt on.

The weather is set fair for the next week with  no rain so we should  be  able to crack on.

We are still living on the boat for the time being but we will hopefully and sadly be able to put her on the market soon, and if you have an interest in this fine vessel or know someone who might please let me know before I put it in the hands of an agent.

What a splendid weekend for England sports supporters!  We now have  bragging rights with  passing Aussies due to a  white wash at  the  cricket , the Kiwis with the rugby and  hopefully next week with the  Belgium’s with the football.  A glorious distraction after working in the heat up the field all day. .



This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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  • jose ubeda

    Wow! it is all looking great! not to mention how well you both look! Bloody Marvelous! only sad part is the boat having to go but hey! onward and upwards! I look forward to my next visit to your part of the World!!
    Perhaps when you complete the Dream Project you might consider taking a Sabbatical and come to visit me me here in Louisiana! The music in New Orleans alone is worth a visit! I dare say my friends!
    Take care and keep up the good work! Fernando x

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