Preparing for the off.

We are getting ready- very busy rubbing down, painting, rust proofing , and lots of clearing out stuff we do not use or need and consequently the boat looks remarkably empty now, almost Japanese.

The weather has helped it has been glorious for the last two weeks and all those outside jobs have been completed, even managed to polish the sides!  Watched on by my friendly next door neighbour Andy.

SAM_1947 - Copy


SAM_1948 - Copy

The days of cloudless skies have also given us some stunning Marco sunsets




‘Me Van Oui Snowbird’ still sits in the car park and we have decided to keep her for the time being, and to sell the car ‘Trusty’.  We cannot afford to keep three modes of transport for any length of time so one has to go, the problem is to decide which one and as in hindsight we really enjoyed our time in Me Van Oui we will keep her and sell Trusty before we leave here.

Not much in the way of excitement this month except the big bike race that came past the other day, plenty of police and supporters and the Paris-Nice bike race came and went very quickly.

SAM_1955 - Copy



We will leave here sometime in the next few weeks and head north towards Paris and the Canal du Somme. I was hoping to get the boat into dry dock to black its bottom again but there is no water or electric down at the dry dock at the moment so we may have to wait until we get back in the autumn, no great rush and the metal anodes look OK  for now so we will not delay our departure and get off on time.


This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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