Planning the route back to Renaissance

Enough of this laying around and enjoying oneself, its time to think about and plan the return trip.

We have been at the Casa Chicken Run for 2 weeks and will stay for this weekend and leave on Monday for a slow crawl back in the general direction of Spain and France.  It will take at least 2 weeks and we may even stretch it out to 3, who’s counting.

We have enjoyed our stay at ‘The Chicken Run’ and will definitely come back next time, if they will have us that is.  The owners wife Lesley did remark yesterday, as I took Gladys out for her early morning stroll into the village to buy bread and enjoy my morning double shot of caffeine, ‘Once Terry is up we are all up’  sorry Lesley a bit early for you .



The Friday club from the Chicken Run, A lovely excuse for plenty of wine and fun company.  This little event went on for several hours!



When we arrived and the boss realised we had no other form of transport  apart from the van he offered me the use of the campsites very own ‘Ferrari’  I was initially quite exited thinking I was going to drive a posh sports car into the glamorous town of Lagos.  I was a little disappointed when I realised that the campsite Ferrari was a clapped out old Ferrari van…still fun though.



A trip to the local beach at Alvor to give Gladys a little splash in the ocean.



Looking back through some of the photos I realised that many contained me consuming quantities of alcohol in various forms.  My only excuse was this was a particularly hot and thirsty day.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


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