Planning and research time

There are plenty of springtime signs around, crocus have been and gone and  now daffodils and springing out everywhere.  We have  got rid of the  rain the last few days but winter has still got a  sting in its tail with forecasts of -9 temperatures in the next week.  However, the longer term forecast for March is a nice rise in temperature at  the end of the second week in March.   The Hygge field is  still very wet and not able to get on it and work,  so its planning and research time.  We have however, been able to start our sweet potato’s in the window  of the bedroom.

They look odd but are beginning to put down roots and hopefully the slips will appear before long as sweet potato’s need a long growing season to  produce a  good crop.

We have had some spectacular sunrises at the current mooring in Beaulon, and this morning was particularly impressive through light cloud.

The days are getting longer and generally brighter and with our new healthy eating regime we should be ready and fit for the busy time ahead.



This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris Bomford

    Minus 9, bloody h that is colder than here in Canada, well at least this part of Canada. We were down to -5 this week but it is getting warmer. The poor sods on the prairies are enjoying a balmy -22 this morning and they can keep it there. Victoria on the other hand had cherry blossoms, daffodils, and tulips last week, bit of a shocker for the flowers with minus 1 today….

    Good to hear your weight loss program is working out, it is always a challenge, especially in France where the food is so good. I am down 3.5 stone since the operation and it would be nice to keep it off. Betsey is complaining because she found a couple of the pounds I had lost. 🙁

    Hopefully warmer weather is not too far down the road for all of us, especially you as I am guessing your planning exercise will mean lots of labour in the Hygge field in the coming months. In the mean time enjoy some peace and quiet on the canals while it lasts.

    Betsey and Chris

  • Jill Gadman

    Don’t know if you ever got my emails telling you I lost Frank February 2017, and then asking if you still had the painting of Frank as I would like to buy it if possible. Best wishes, Jill x

    • Jill Gadman

      Don’t know if you got my emails telling you I lost Frank in February 2017, and then again asking if you still had the painting of him as I would like to buy it if possible. Best wishes, Jill xx

      • Terry Barrett

        So sorry to get news about Frank, such a dear man. I have spoken to Teresa and she says she did two portraits of Frank one in pastels and one in pencil. She says you are welcome to either one just send your postal address and we will dispatch it to you.


        T&T xx

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