Party time at the tourist office

I am thinking of moving the Blog from a Blog to a Face book page.  The main reason is that it will be easier for me to update and upload any photos to one single site rather than have the photos on one photo web site and the Blog elsewhere.

The content will not change it will hopefully just be a lot easier to access for you and me.  I will let you know when  I have completed the move.

Those who regularly follow the Blog will know that I am aiming to lose significant weight this year and it goes well.  The party was a slight setback as I gained a pound in weight that evening but was able to lose it again the following day so no harm done and to date I have lost 1 stone 7 pound since the start of the year, and I am very pleased with that and by putting up the weight lose progress  photos on the Blog is really helping with the motivation.

So what’s happened lately, well the canal is still in operation although we only get about one boat through every 2-3 days and they tend to be commercial boat plying their trade.  It is quite disturbing when they come through when the canal is iced up  as the noise on the side on our boat sounds like the boat is being bombarded by ice bergs, and as the commercial boat approaches almost silently you don’t know its coming and it just jolts you out of your seat, frightening but actually no harm done.

The other news is that the tourist office girls, Catherine, Isabelle and Nathalie, threw a party for the boat owners last week, and it was a really good evening.  As can be seen in the photos  There was plenty of food and drink  and music too.

We also managed to get on the front page of the local newspaper this week, must be a slow news week in Montceau -Les-Mines.  The locals are interested in the mad English people who live on their boats even in the winter!

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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