Off on a new adventure with ‘Me van oui’

This was not the plan, as those who follow this blog closely will know, but we both got fed up waiting for the sale of our bit of land so we could upgrade ‘Me Van Oui’ that we gave the bullet a big bite and set off for some fun in the sun.

We left our mooring at St Leger Sunday afternoon after much huffing and puffing and set off for our first stop somewhere on the Central Massive. We eventually pulled into a service station near Millau and woke to a very cold scene, it had actually snowed overnight.
We were very cosy in the van overnight so no problem but it was still a shock to wake uo to this scene as the main reason for coming away was to head for warmer climes!!

The next day we crossed the magnificent Millau viaduct, now recognized as a world heritage site

Still a 1000 meters above sea level we saw many peaks covered in the stuff

Eventually we dropped down to sea level and crossed the Spanish border without incident. The 2nd night we spent in another motorway service area and on Tuesday we found our first proper camp site and we will rest up here for a few days before planning our route to Portugal.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Freda Bostock

    Well done getting off so early, what a shame to get up to snow. Even we have only had one day of snow here inThe North of England. Great to see Gladys enjoying being back on the road. Not too cold if you’re eating out doors. Hope you find the sun soon.

  • Andy & Chris

    Hi both,
    Glad you made it through the cold stuff! Small price to pay for the sunshine.
    We’re at Alvor – the kettles on 🙂

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