Not moving on the Somme

The Somme authorities have stopped all movement on the Somme between Abbeville and Pont Remy,  there are no alternatives as the Somme is a one way street, unless you are going out to sea, it means that nearly all traffic has now stopped and waiting for the stoppages to be lifted.  Until the weather improves, basically  the rain stops, the Somme is in lock-down mode .


Leaving Corbie with hope over expectation.


An overnight stop at the new mooring Amiens , notice the clothes, wrapped up for the weather.  I visited the Somme control  at Amiens and they explained that the Somme was blocked further on towards the coast at Pont Remy.


We moved on to Ailly-sur-Somme which is a really lovely stop and decided to stay until the blockage is removed, or until we decide to give up and head up  to Belgium.

This monster of a boat was the only boat that passed us during the week, there was a fag paper down each side in the lock.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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