Moret-sur-loing to Sancerre

We left the huge waterway known as the River Seine and entered the french canal network south of Paris. First on the Canal duLoing from Moret to Montargis, then onto the Canal deBriare to Briare a total of 150 kilometers and 62 locks. A busy few days but the weather was glorious and it was fun helping lock keepers work the locks as can be in the picture, in fact it did in some of the lock locations feel very English.

I am now crocked, falling over yesterday and damaging my foot, I don’t think it is serious just very painful and difficult to walk. My wife has gone off with other boating friends to visit Sancerre and taste some wine and I am sitting in the back of the boat doing this blog and sorting out the photos for the web album. I think she has the better deal.
The weather has turned decidedly poor and is current pelting the boat with heavy rain but it will improve soon and so will my foot and we will be on the way again before the weekend. Our next big destination will be Nevers and after that Roanne, however, there is no rush to get there and we will stop frequently overnight in villages and smaller towns. The Loire valley is stunning with its famous chateau’s and large river. We travel alongside the main river on the Canal lateral a la Loire which is a fancy way of saying that the River Loire was considered dangerous to navigate and the french built a safe canal to run alongside the main river.

Check out the latest pictures on the web album page

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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