More from Silves, Portugal

Well we have been relaxing in the sun, and I was very sorry to see the weather back home in France and England to be not so nice, really, honest.
Here we are on the sunny Algarve at a delightful motor home park near the centre of Silves.
The daily routine is to get up early and walk Gladys into the centre of town, and stop at our breakfast cafe for toast and hot chocolate.
Yesterday we hired a car from a Portuguese friend and visited some villages nearby and in one we found a ‘Banksie on holiday’ picture.
Wonderful bit of graffiti.
Then met up with friends, Vic and Hils, and we shared lunch with them. Teresa also managed to find some new slippers which she was so pleased with she took a photo of them.
Today we walked into town again and visited our very favorite coffee and cake bar, it is a delightful place, full of charm and elegance and the Batista is warm and friendly and a great smile
Plenty of storks around this time of year and the town makes them very welcome by erecting plenty of posts for them to nest on, but they find their own places as well, the one on the top photo has been preparing his welcome pad for his new lady for several days now, hope a good looking one comes along for him.
And finally there is a superb municipal swimming pool complex here in Silves, with a large swimming pool, sauna, steam room and fitness suite. They have certain rules however, which include a mandatory swim cap and close fitting swim wear. Needless to say I did not possess these items so scaled the town until I found the most flattering attire. Now not everybody looks good in such attire but I think you agree that I do come acrross as a bit of a hunk!

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Nick and Jen

    Just read your latest blog. Glad you are having a good time. Love the slippers and the hot chocolate sounds delightful. I totally agree about the ‘hunk’ in swimwear and I am sure the modelling agencies will be in touch soon lol. Xx.


  • Roger Millin

    No disrespect Terry me old mate, but shouldn’t you have put a health warning on the start of this blog posting? There is only so much shock a bloke’s system can stand and that last picture came close to the limit

  • Roger Millin

    Hhmm, it chopped off the last bit of my post but I went on to say that you would not be able to pose like that at the moment in the rather chilly weather that we have here in the UK. ATB, Roger

    • Freda Bostock

      Ha ha Terry No sensorship on this blog, we had such a good laugh at your antics, but think the shop forgot to give you the top half of your cossie. Cake shop looks right up my street. Banksie doing his works again, spotted all over, but always good.

  • Betsey and Chris Bomford

    Glad to hear you are having fun in Portugal. Betsey and I were lucky enough to spend a few weeks in Albufeira a few years back and had a great time there. We had a rental car and were able to spend a day exploring Silves. Beautiful town.

    I am curious about who’s rules you were using when you won the boules game? After playing against you in Sillery I am suspecting they were your rules. 🙂

    Have fun and stay safe. Chris and Betsey

  • Jac and Chris

    Aaah Terry, what a top bloke you are modelling your speedos! Still trying to pick Jac up after her giggling fit. Brilliant!
    Glad you are both well and still enjoying life, hopefully catch up in the Spring when we set off for another French adventure up to the Champagne region.
    Take care both
    Chris and Jacqui xx

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