Montereau to Meaux

We left the Yonne river after a good stop at Montereau.


The mooring at Montereau


Next to the mooring is this splendid building with a complete picture  wrap of the famous battle of Montereau, very impressive.

We left Montereau to venture down the Seine.


The meeting of the two rivers the Yonne and the Seine.  Playing with the big boys now.


In the past our trips down the Seine have been more eventful with atrocious weather, including storms and the occasional strike , however, this time with one exception it was a straightforward run with an early stoppage due to a damaged lock gate . It is amazing you only see little traffic when you are actually travelling but if you get held up for any reason ,and in this instance it was an early evening /overnight stop, the traffic overnight builds up behind you. We awoke at 0600 with the sound of big diesel engines roaring into action behind us. I quickly took Gladys for a walk to empty out and then decided to join in the fun.


We traveled down the Seine towards Paris and hung a right at the confluence of the Marne river at the Chinagora hotel/restaurant and headed east towards Meaux overnighting at two favourite stops Neuilly and Lagny on the Marne and both lived up to expectations.


After the commercial waterway called the Seine we stopped overnight at the tranquil stop known as Nueilly, …and breath.

The following day we did a short trip to Lagny,one of our favorite stops,  and it was market day so added bonus.


The good moorings at Lagny


Interesting wildlife by the moorings with swans and coypu sharing the space and preening themselves in the early morning sunshine.


Good market in Lagny with single item stalls like this one doing all garlic sttuff


and  a well laid out fish stall., no jellied eels though!

We have now arrived in Meaux, and had intended to stay but the port is closed for refurbishment, so will overnight on a nearby quay and leave early tomorrow for La Ferte on route to Sillery for next weekend.

This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes


  • Chris & Betsey

    Too bad you can’t stay longer at Mieux, there is a great Chinese restaurant there just to the left of the moorings in town when you come off the docks. Betsey has some not so fond memories of Mieux, that is where she took the header off het bicycle. 🙁
    Sounds like you are having a great trip. Wish we were steaming along with you. Cheers C & B

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