Montceau to Fragnes

The trip downstream to Fragnes has been a delight, with two overnight stops at St leger and the charming town of Santenay, the centre of some of the finest wines of the Burgundy. We did visit the tasting rooms in Santenay and tasted some lovely wines but waited for our next visit to Lidl to stock up!The weather has remained fine with occasional downpours during rather dramatic thunderstorms, I imagine a bit like an artillery barrage with multiple flashes and very loud claps of thunder, I suppose the difference is that it so warm you can take your shower gel outside and clean yourself up.

The boat continues to perform well with only occasional little gremlins to sort out, the latest being a metal sleeve which cover the Morse cable controlling the gears. The sleeve split in half and the caught the cable when operating the forward gear. Together with Peter a fellow boater we have been traveling with for the last three days we found the problem and using a small jubilee clip to secure the sleeve together it performs OK for the time being. A temporary fix for a more permanent solution.

The plan now has changed….again. As readers will know our plan was to turn left at Chalon sur Saone and head down the Soanne river and then turn right and venture down the Doubs river towards the Germany/Swiss border.

Well now we are slowing right down and will still turn left onto the Saone River at Chalon and then turn left again at St Jean de Losne onto the Canal de Bourgogne, and then spend the remaining summer on the canals Bouurgogne and Nivernais doing a grand tour around and back to Montceau-les-mines at the start of October to spend the winter. Well that’s today’s plan…..

latest photos of the trip


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This post was written by Terry Barrett

Photographs by Tes

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